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The Town of Assiniboia acknowledges and appreciates your comments regarding snow removal. During the winter months, snow and ice on sidewalks can seriously impair the ability of people to get around safely – especially elderly and those with mobility restrictions. 

For that reason, the Town of Assiniboia’s Bylaw No. 481 Section 7, states ”Every occupant and in case there is not occupant the owner thereof of every house, shop, building, lot or parcel of land fronting or abutting on any street or streets where there are sidewalks shall within twenty-four hours of the falling or depositing thereon of any snow or dirt or ice cause the same to be removed from the said sidewalk in front of or adjacent to such house, shop, building, lot or parcel of land.” 

  • Interesting to note that this bylaw to provide the Protection of Persons and Property is from 1964, CLICK HERE     to review the bylaw in its entirety. Although many of the items listed therein are still valid today, 50 years later, it is one of the bylaws that is in review. We are also currently reviewing snow removal & ice control and will soon be able to publish the new policy. Your comments will be considered during the review process. To clarify regarding the placement of snow, we ask that you refrain from putting it on the streets as it can create hazards from traffic and hampers our removal efforts. Snow can be placed on the boulevard or your own yard. Regarding snow being pushed on sidewalks, plows must maintain a minimum speed to move the snow off to the side and in those cases where the sidewalks are very close to the curb, it is difficult to avoid getting snow on them. If at all possible wait to clear the sidewalk after your street has been plowed, however if you encounter an extreme case, call the Town Office at (306) 642-3382 or email, to report and the Foreman will assess the case at that time.

    The equipment for sale bids closed on November 18, 2014. Thank you to those who put in a bid.

    The Town of Assiniboia has a document server. Items on the Document Server include:
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    The Compost pick up program has ended for the season. If you have compost bags, please take them to the landfill or inlcude them in your weekly garbage pick up.

    To view the 2013 Water Quality Compliance Report, please click here, and go to the bottom of the page.

    CURBSIDE RECYCLING - Loraas Disposal

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Loraas Disposal collects on all Statutory Holidays except for Christmas Day, New Years Day and Good Friday.


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Junior B Southern Rebels Hockey

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Christmas Light Parade

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