Water & Sewer Utility




  • Utility Account Inquiries: Phone at 306-642-5004
  • Email: townoffice@assiniboia.net  

You can pay for your utility bill: 

  • In person at Town Office;

  • Online: You can pay through online banking. Choose Assiniboia, Town Utilities as the payee. Type only the first 5 digits of your account number as the account number;

  • With automatic payments: Fill out the Pre - Authorized Payment Consent Form. You will need a void cheque or banking information. You can drop off your completed form or email it to us at: townoffice@assiniboia.net 


Water Consumption Rate:

$2.98  / cubic metre

Sanitary Sewer System Service Rate:
$0.99 / cubic metre

Base Administration Fee
$0.36 / day

Infrastructure Fee:
$1.00 / day
Infrastructure fee represents a capital infrastructure charge. The purpose of the capital infrastructure charge is to provide funding for the future capital costs of waterworks and sanitary sewer infrastructure replacement.

Residential Curbside Recycling is included on the utility bill:  $9.35 month 


Bulk Fill Rate
$4.98 / cubic metre

The Town of Assinbioia has a Bulk Water station at the Water Treatment Plant at  204 Assinbioia Avenue.


Permit for water and sewer connection

The Town of Assiniboia requires a water and sewer connection permit for all construction, maintenance, repair and/or replacement of water and sewer connections.  Applications must be approved by the Town of Assiniboia prior to any work commencing and must include the name of the excavation contractor and be signed by the Property Owner, and the Plumbing Contractor.  

The Service connection work is to be done in accordance with The Plumbing Regulations and shall be approved & inspected by an authorized person of the Municipality.

Please report all needs for repair and/or replacement at your earliest convenience to the Town Office.  (306) 642-3382    Permit Fee payments can be done with cash, cheque or debit during regular business hours.