A business license is required to do business in the Town of Assiniboia. The type of business license you need depends on the business operation and its location. This allows us to apply appropriate regulations to businesses where there is a potential for impacts on the community. 

Business licenses are valid April 1- March 31 each year. 

Business License

Council passed a new Business License Bylaw on February 18, 2020. There are new categories as well as a change in some fees.

A Business License allows you to operate your business in the Town of Assiniboia.


 The categories have changed along with the fees. Please see below:

    $ 100.00 Storefront Business - Business operating within commercial / industrial zone and assessed as commercial for taxation purposes

    $ 300.00 Home Based Contractor - Business conducted from a building zoned residential

    $ 150.00 Home Based – Other  - Business conducted from a building zoned residential   (Non Contractor)

    $ 200.00 Home Occupation Business conducted within a building zoned residential

    $ 350.00 Non Resident Business – Contractor          

    $ 300.00
Non Resident Business – Other

    $ 300.00 Direct Seller                                                      
    $500.00 per event Farmers Market / Trade Show 

New!  Food Truck Category has been added to our Business License application. $100 max 72 hr event.

Section 17 - A license issued in respect of any new business that commences after November 1st shall be charged one-half (1/2) of the annual license fee as shown in the Town’s Fees and Charges bylaw.  The reduced rate outlined in section 17 above does not apply to trade shows and farmer’s markets.


Home Occupations

To facilitate economic development and foster entrepreneurship, many types of businesses can operate from a residence. The standards for home occupations are intended to seek a balance between a quiet, safe and aesthetic residential environment and the aspirations of home-based entrepreneurs.        

 A Development Permit application is required for business activities to be considered at a residential property and is regulated by the Town of  Assiniboia's Zoning Bylaw No.02/14.


Pet License INformation